Experiments in Public Art

The Office of Arts and Culture presents an ongoing series of temporary public interventions through the Experiments in Public Art program which serves as a city-wide laboratory expanding the potential of public art. Unlike a traditional public art commission, Experiments in Public Art projects are as much an experiment for the community as they are opportunities for artists to work within unconventional parameters. Participating artists are selected, in part, by incorporating concepts and materials that extend beyond the notion of traditional public art.

2022 Experiments in Public Art Application

Boulder x Farm-to-Spaceship Experience Accelerator Program

Experiments in Public Art is a program of ongoing projects across the city which are temporary in nature, responsive to community needs, and interactive/participatory. It generates opportunities for creatives to experiment and communities to engage. Experiments in Public Art works across creative backgrounds, disciplines, and communities. This year’s program partners with FARM TO SPACESHIP, a local arts accelerator program, to focus on COVID Rebound and community connection through experiences over things. (74% of Americans prioritized experiences over products and things, according to a study conducted by Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics.) The program will focus on pandemic recovery through relationship building and experiential, interactive, and temporary public artworks.

2022 Experiments in Public Art is made possible through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and has specific criteria:

  • Creative sector workforce recovery
  • Community healing and collectively looking ahead through creative expressions of the pandemic experience
  • Recovery, resilience, and innovation through creative partnerships between local creatives and businesses

Temporary art permit application: https://bouldercolorado.formstack.com/forms/temporary_art_agreement_permit 

Michael Theodore's "are you me?" a part of Experiments in Public Art

are you me?
Michael Theodore

"Atmo" by Ethan Jackson

Ethan Jackson

Rebecca DiDomenico's "Constellatory," a part of Experiments in Public Art

Rebecca DiDomenico

"Cubicule" by Ethan Jackson

Ethan Jackson

"Harm to Table" by Matthew Mazzota

Harm to Table
Matthew Mazzotta


Parisa Tashakori

Knitting Ballet

Knitting Ballet
Ana Maria Hernando

"Mapping Stories" by Markus Dorninger

Mapping Stories
Markus Dorninger

"Spires" installed at Glen Huntington Bandshell