Mapping Stories

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About the Project

“Mapping Stories” enables citizens of Boulder to contribute to a sense of place, spark conversation, and tell our shared stories by making public places come alive with colorful visual projections and sounds. These live animated were projected against the facade of many of Boulder’s most iconic buildings, and accompanied by original dance and music from the community participants. The stories are realized into a visual art form using a custom-built projection tricycle constructed by the artist, which was outfitted with a powerful digital projector and a sound system, and powered by a car battery integrated into the tricycle. The project took place over six days. Each day, a selected community group participated in a workshop hosted by the Office of Arts and Culture. With help from artist Markus Dorninger, each participant developed a short personal story made from simple animated drawings and sound recordings.


Markus Dorninger worked with individuals from groups specific to Boulder through storytelling workshops, led by the Office of Arts and Culture. The workshop aimed to develop short project-based storytelling from members within the community, personal stories directly from participant’s lives. Each workshop was adapted to the participant’s technological knowledge. For people with little or no familiarity with digital tools, the drawings or handwriting can be created on paper.

Learning Tagtool

Tagtool is an app developed by Markus Dorninger, creating spontaneous, animated images proejcted for live audiences. The Tagtool project has its roots in an open source hardware project that was initiated by Dorninger and his partners, and brought together a worldwide community of artists and technicians. In its current form, Tagtool is available as an iPad app that allows several artists to collaborate together in realtime. A new version of Tagtool with major improvements and new features is scheduled for release in September 2016. Tagtool has received several awards and was featured at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference Keynote in 2013 and 2016.

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About the Artist

Markus Dorninger aka Maki acts on the forefront of a new wave of digital art. His work comprises projection interventions in public space, as well as performances at cultural or commercial events. He often collaborates with musicians, and much of his output is based on improvisation and freestyle storytelling.