About Us

The City of Boulder’s Office of Arts and Culture is implementing Boulder’s Community Cultural Plan. Through a set of programs including cultural grants, public art, initiatives for artists, the creative economy, and research, the Office of Arts and Culture seeks to facilitate an alignment in the community around our collective Vision for Culture: Together, we will craft Boulder’s social, physical, and cultural environment to include creativity as an essential ingredient for the well being, prosperity, and joy of everyone in the community.

Grants Program

Through Grants to organizations and individuals we support the resiliency and sustainability of cultural organizations to enhance their ability to benefit the community. Each year the Boulder Arts Commission grants program will offer funding for our community’s cultural organizations and artists. Learn more about the grants program.

Public Art Program

Boulder’s public art program is guided by the community’s priority to “focus on the expression of culture and creativity in the public realm through public art, the urban landscape, culture in the neighborhoods, and serendipitous encounters with the arts.” Learn more about the public art program.


Professional Artists

Through programs and resources we strive to create a supportive environment for artists and creative professionals, while fostering innovative thinking and leadership among them. Learn more about resources for artists and organizations.




Understanding the current state of culture in Boulder is critical to accomplishing the goals of the Community Cultural Plan. Outcomes in the community are measured through projects like cultural asset mapping, a census of professional artists, and the Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 study. Learn more about our research projects.


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Photo credits (top to bottom):
Adrian Egolf, Rebecca Remaly, Maire Higgins, and Jada Suzanne Dixon in The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson. (Photo: Michael Ensminger)
David Polka’s mural on Moorhead Ave. in Martin Acres. Mural initiated by Arts Martin Acres through a neighborhood enhancement grant with support from the Office of Arts and Culture and Department of Transportation. (Photo: Lauren Click)
Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, Vertical Migration Experiment in Performance. (Photo: David Andrews)
Artists during a focus group for the 2018 Artist Census.