are you me?

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About the Project

Using mirrors and motors, this new project by Michael Theodore is a kinetic sculpture that continuously integrates its immediate environment to create a mesmerizing visual experience and a relational space for social interaction. The sculpture is animated by a series of 20 mirrored panels, each attached to a motor. Microprocessors in the hidden interior of the work rotate the mirrors, driving an ongoing stream of endlessly transforming kinetic patterns.

The mirrors function to create a perceptual environment and to activate a relational space. Each reflection of ourselves involves an act of creation and an act of multiplication: we know our bodies are real, but what about our reflection? The title of the work points at this conceptual exchange between viewer and reflection, “are you me?”

About the Artist

Inspired by observations and experiences of the natural world, Michael Theodore creates dynamic fields of color, light, and sound in a variety of mediums. Theodore holds faculty appointments at the University of Colorado, Boulder with the College of Music, the Department of Art and Art History, and the CMCI Intermedia Art, Writing, and Performance PhD program, and is Director of the ATLAS Institute’s Center for Media, Arts, and Performance, an incubator for experimental media created with technology. Theodore received degrees from Amherst College, Yale (MM), and UCSD (PhD).

Theodore’s works, including interactive kinetic installations, moving images, and musical compositions have been presented across the United States, and in Mexico, Trinidad y Tobego, Greece, Spain, Germany, Sweeden, France, Australia, Japan, and China.