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About the Project

Hello is an evolving installation that will communicate a simple message (“hello”), greeting passersby in languages spoken in Boulder – including English, Spanish and Tashakori’s native Persian. Using a section of chain link fence, Tashakori will weave colorful nylon fabric into the grid of the fence to create a large-scale text-based artwork. Over the course of the two-month installation, Tashakori will be onsite re-weaving and transforming the text from “hello” to “hola” to “سلام”.

Recently relocating from Iran to the United States, Tashakori observed that greeting one another with a formal “hello” is not universally customary for Americans in the same way that it is in Persian culture. In Colorado, Tashakori recognized that Boulder residents share the Persian value of acknowledging one another’s presence with a greeting of “hello”. This project celebrates diverse cultural heritage through a gesture we are all familiar with.

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About the Artist

Parisa Tashakori is an artist and designer. Her work is focused in the field of social and cultural design. She participates in biennials, competitions and exhibitions internationally including the Poster Biennial of Mexico, the 4th Block in Kharkiv in Ukraine, Bolivia Poster Biennial and Lahti International Poster Triennial. Originally from Tehran, Tashakori now lives and works in Boulder, CO.