Recent Donations

Strength from Within

Artist: Melanie Yazzie

Location: 16th and Pearl Streets in front of the Organic Sandwich Company 

Install: 2020

Strength from Within is about trusting your instincts and acknowledging the hope we all have inside – hope that grows like a garden if we take time to care for it. Yazzie is a talented printmaker, painter, and sculptor, and such a generous person. She is also a mentor for so many students passing through the University of Colorado, teaching them and supporting them over time. 

 This dedication reflects the efforts and support of many in the community: first and foremost the community at large, as you all have expressed a desire for more public artworks and specifically with a range of medium, material, and experience. This piece is one of the first to be sited on the East End of Pearl and additionally one of the first permanent abstract works along Pearl Street Mall.   

 Thank you to the Standing Selection Panel and Arts Commission for supporting the acquisition of this piece. Thank you to the donor for understanding how significant it is for the community to host an artwork by a local artist of Yazzie’s stature. 

Sound Harp

Artists: Josh Pass, Todd Reed, TJ McIntyre and the Tim Eggert Memorial Foundation 

Location: Seating area near plaza entrance to Boulder Public Library Main

Install: 2021

The Sound Harp is a memorial to long-time Boulder resident Tim Eggert. Tim was a very accomplished musician and Boulder resident who passed away in 2018. This memorial was conceived of by a community of long-standing Boulder citizens who had the commonality of having been close friends with Tim: music and community emerged quickly amongst his friends after his passing as a way to not only remember him, but more importantly as an idea to make something beautiful and lasting emerge in his absence. 

Pilot and Navigator

Artist: Charles Sturrock

Location: Sister Cities Plaza at Broadway and Canyon, immediately east of the Municipal Building 

Install: 2022

Gordon Gamm and the Boulder Rotary Club donated Pilot and Navigator, by Charles Sturrock (Golden, CO) to the public art collection in 2022. This kinetic artwork serves as an anchor point for the Rotary Club’s “Infinite Walk of Peace” within Boulder’s Civic Area. 

Bear Hugs

2016, edition 5/10, bronze 

Artist: Scy Caroselli 

Location: 14th and Pearl Street Mall 

Install: 2019

Donated to the Boulder Community by the Downtown Boulder Foundation in 2019. 

Bear Hugs

El Movimiento Sigue Memorial Project

Artist: Jasmine Baetz with support from Colorado Hardscapes  

Proposed Location: Southeast corner of 28th Street, just south of Canyon and sited in the city right of way. 

Install: December 2022

This sculpture, to be installed at 28th & Canyon, celebrates the lives and activism of Los Seis De Boulder, the six Chicanx students who died in two separate and unexplained car bombs in May 1974. Una Jaakola, Neva Romero, and Reyes Martínez were killed at Chautauqua Park. A separate memorial stone marks this tragedy and was placed on the east side of the Chautauqua Auditorium in May 2020.  Florencio Granado, Heriberto Téran, and Francisco Dougherty were killed at with proximity to where this memorial will be installed at 28th Street and Canyon Boulevard. Antonio Alcantar, survived the blast but sustained life threatening injuries. To learn more about the memorial, visit  

Proposal: Nobel Circle Monument 

Artist: Larry Kirkland  

Proposed Location: Plaza at Boulder Public Library Main Entrance 

Proposed Project Budget: The budget will be determined as contextually appropriate; some private contributions may be available. 

Anticipated Timeline: Currently the project is in fundraising phase, and the Nobel Circle Donor Team will provide an update with staff in 2023. At that time adjustments to the timeline will be determined with the donor team and staff, then from the Library Commission, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB), and the Arts Commission will review and make a recommendation to the City Manager. 

Project Status: Community outreach and fundraising by Nobel Circle Donor Team   

Project Introduction – The Nobel Circle Monument is a proposed landmark artwork to inspire all walks of life to high achievement using Boulder’s five Nobel Prize winners as role models. This proposed monument will be privately funded and donated to the city. The Nobel Circle Monument Community Stakeholder Team has selected artist Larry Kirkland for their concept. The team hopes to build out the project timeline and budget after a site has been approved by the city. To learn more about the project, visit: Boulder Nobel Plaza – YouTube