University Hill Series

A new series of site-specific public art prototypes are soon to be developed for the University Hill neighborhood. This project is a collaboration with the University of Colorado Environmental Design Program.

Location of University Hill in Boulder

About the Neighborhood

University Hill is a destination for both college students and for the entire Boulder community. The commercial district includes many historic icons, a vibrant music scene, varied dining options, and an eclectic housing mix. University Hill is a dynamic environment, and these temporary public art projects will complement that, specifically within University Hill’s commercial area. This public art opportunity will align with the revitalization concepts underway.

Artwork Location

Specific locations will be determined through the selection panel, within the University Hill area highlighted in this map.

Project Budget

$95,000 all inclusive, supported by the Community, Culture and Safety Tax

Anticipated Timeline

Monday, July 16 – Deadline for artist submissions

July – Semi-Finalist selection and notification

Early September – Semi-finalist proposal presentations, community engagement, finalist selection

Project Selection Panel

The University Hill Public Art Selection Panel is comprised of six voting members. The Technical Review Committee is comprised of roughly ten additional non-voting members.

Selection Panel
Brian Fouhy, Designer
Marcel DeLange, CU Faculty/Artist
Dakota Soifer, Chair, University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission
KC Schneider, University Hill property owner
Lon McGowan, Boulder Resident
Deven Hughes, Boulder Arts Commissioner

Technical Review Committee
University Hill Development Coordinator: Sarah Wiebenson
Transportation Representative: Jason Fell
Transportation Operations: Bill Cowern or appointed
Risk Management: Kevin Krayna
CAO: Janet Michels
Development Services – Right of Way