Public Library Restroom Murals

In 2019, the Boulder Public Library is renovating the main library restrooms to accommodate all through a gender-neutral redesign of the facilities and amenities. Renovations will take place on both the first and second floors of the main library. This project is led by thoughtful commitment as evidenced through a two-year research and design period which included charettes with a variety of stakeholders. The renovation project provides an opportunity to incorporate original artwork into the design.

Artwork Location

Both bathrooms undergoing renovation have been designed to feature large murals, roughly 100 sq. ft. (8ft x 12ft), along the entry walls. The murals will function as the signature artwork greeting users of the new facilities. Aspects of the original mural will be reproduced as graphic wraps within the individual stalls inside the restrooms.

Context and Theme

-The artwork will be sited in a high-traffic area and must be two-dimensional
-The artwork will be disconnected from specific gender assignments and will appeal to users of all ages
-The design needs to lend itself to a large scale while providing enough variation within the work to extract components for the graphic wraps
-Colorful and diverse without being frenetic or overwhelming
-Aim for works that do not evoke a strong emotional response; it may still be illustrative or abstract work

Artist Selection

The Design Advisory Group will utilized the Mural Artist Roster to solicit artists to create original artwork for the project. The selection was reviewed by the Standing Selection Panel and approved by the Boulder Arts Commission. Selected artists are:

Monica McElwain
Chris Huang

Design Advisory Group Participants
Antonia Gaona, Boulder Public Library
Tim McClelland, Boulder Public Library
Laura Hankins, Boulder Public Library
Juana Gomez, Boulder Public Library Commission
Glenn Magee, Facilities Asset Management
David Farnan, Boulder Public Library
Jennifer Phares, Boulder Public Library
Vickki Arnouts, Studiotrope
Anne Pharamond, Studiotrope

Project Budget

$6,500 total, $3,000/floor (all inclusive)

Project Timeline

February – mid-March 2019: Finalize design
mid-March – mid-May: Fabrication
Mid to late May 2019: Installation