BCH Deconstruction Art Integration

In 2015, the City of Boulder purchased the former hospital property from Boulder Community Health, which includes 8.8-acres along Broadway between Alpine Ave. and Balsam Ave. This site, known as Alpine-Balsam, is currently in redevelopment. In May/June 2019, the deconstruction of the existing hospital began. A fence was erected around the perimeter to support the deconstruction project with the goal of maintaining an unobtrusive and secure site during the long-term construction project. This perimeter fence provides an opportunity to integrate art into the site during deconstruction, helping to enhance the visual profile of the project and providing an active space for community engagement.

More information on the Alpine-Balsam project is available here: https://bouldercolorado.gov/planning/alpinebalsam

Selected Artists

Sam Cikauskas
AJ Davis
Jason Graves
Allie Ogg
Heather Patterson

Project Budget

Roughly $20,000 annually for commissioning opportunities, to rotate out artwork and keep the site visually engaging over the course of deconstruction and possibly integrated into reconstruction.

Artist Selection

The Project Management Team made initial artist selections from the Mural Artist Roster, followed by review from the Standing Selection Panel, with final recommendation by the Boulder Arts Commission. Artist selection included the the following:
-community considerations and opportunities
-narratives to articulate through artwork
-timing and project alignment

Standing Selection Panel
Felicia Furman, Boulder Arts Commissioner
Charlotte LaSasso, Arts Professional – Boulder County Arts Alliance
Jerry Shapins, Community Member and Urban Planner
Gabrielle Schuller, Community Member and Architect
Catherine Cartwright, Artist, Arts Professional and Community Member

Project Management Team/Technical Review Committee
Michele Crane, FAM
Sam Veucasovic, FAM
Leana Dolce, FAM
Sara Huntley, CMO
Gretchen King, Communications