30th & Colorado and Foothills Underpasses

New public art coming soon along Colorado Avenue!

The City of Boulder has initiated planning and design for new underpasses: at 30th St. & Colorado Ave. and at Foothills just south of Colorado Ave. These projects will provide safer, more accessible and uninterrupted traffic flow. The public art opportunities will be temporary and permanent, encompass a variety of art types and media, and include innovative approaches in the ways artists can address these overlooked places in the urban environment of Boulder.

Artwork Location for 30th & Colorado and Foothills Underpass

Artwork Location

30th and Colorado (left) and Foothills, just south of Colorado (right)

Context and Theme

The community has expressed familiarity with underpass projects, and would like to broaden the opportunity and reach of these projects. Due to the project’s funding restrictions, this project will be run as an urban design opportunity with the designers joining the project design team. Additional community thoughts include:

  • An arts destination like the High Line Canal
  • Inviting, performative, illuminated, light or sensor activated
  • Enhance feelings of safety
  • Poet wall with additional line completion
  • Live performances on or near site; pop-up community events (dance, theater, poetry, music)
  • Gateways, residential, cheerful

Project Budget

$120,00 all inclusive

Selected Artist

In Urban Design selection process

Anticipated Timeline

Artist selection early 2018, artwork installation, mid-late 2019

Selection Participants

Selection Panel

  • Richelle Reilly, CU Facilities Planner and Campus Landscape Architect (community member)
  • Juana Gomez, Architect (community member)
  • Mark Villarreal (Arts Commissioner)
  • Jason Fell (project manager)
  • Brian Wiltshire (project manager)

Technical Review Committee

  • Project Management Team
  • Project Design Team
  • Go Boulder
  • Transportation (Maintenance)
  • Risk Management
  • CAO
  • Development Services