COVID-19 Work Projects: University Hill / CU

University Hill / University of Colorado is an area including the campus itself and surrounding retail districts and residential neighborhoods. The boundaries are roughly defined by Arapahoe Ave. to the north, Foothills Parkway to the east, Baseline Rd. to the south.

University Hill / CU projects are listed alphabetically by the artist’s last name:

Theresa Haberkorn, Visual Artist

Laura Hyunjee Kim, Kevin J. Sweet, Cross-disciplinary Artists

Laura is partnering with fellow artist Kevin Sweet on a project called Seed Seekers, best described as geo-caching with custom seed packets.

Ekaterina Kotcherguina, & Maria Wietrzynska, Musicians

Katrina Miller, Filmmaker

Musa Starseed, Musician





Rodney Swanstrom, Visual Artist


Aaron Treher, Visual Artist





Xi Wang, Oral Historian


Aaron Zalkind, Musician