COVID-19 Work Projects: South Boulder

South Boulder is a community with residential neighborhoods, retail districts, and research laboratories nestled against the foothills along Boulder’s southern city limits with boundaries defined by Hwy 36 to the east and Baseline Rd. to the north.

South Boulder projects are listed alphabetically by the artist’s last name:

Amanda Berg-Wilson, Theater Director/Producer
The message of sorrow and loss found in the poem “Atlantis–A Lost Sonnet by Eavan Boland resonated with Amanda’s current experience and inspired her to develop a project to facilitate a collective expression of grief. Provided with seed paper and a link to the poem, neighbors are encouraged to give name to their sorrows related to COVID-19 by writing them down and then planting the seed paper, “drowning” their sorrow in water and dirt.

Seth Bixler, Musician
Seth is organizing a music delivery program for his neighbors. Similar to the winter holiday carol-grams, people can order mini-concerts for their neighbors. The spirit of his project is to reach people who are living alone or feeling marginalized by the current crisis. He and a fellow violinist will deliver mini-concerts to front yards during early summer.

Leah Brenner Clack, Curator/Visual Artist
Leah is making a series of “Stay Safe” ceramic totems to leave as free art gifts around the Martin Acres neighborhood. The totems will symbolize the energy of nature and the human spirit, offering a reminder that we are all in this together, even at a distance.

Derek Carpenter, Visual Artist
Collaborating with a fellow artist, Courtney Goerlitz, Derek painted a large-scale mural on a vacant building in his Martin Acres neighborhood. The imagery includes a woman in a face mask alongside a sapling emerging from the stump of a felled. Derek wants the mural to provide a symbol of resiliency for the community.

Mary Evans, Musician
Inspired by fellow musicians in the Martin Acres neighborhood, Mary is creating a website to feature and promote the innovative work these artists are producing despite not having access to performing halls and audiences. The site will help connect musicians to their audiences and to one another during the pandemic and beyond.

Robbie Herbst, Musician
Robbie created, “Music in Martin Acres,” a series of Tuesday evening street concerts in the Martin Acres neighborhood. He and fellow musician housemates performed from their front yard to an audience invited to enjoy the concert from designated sites following physical-distancing guidelines.

Kevin Hoth, Visual Artist

Linda Park, Visual Artist

Amy Richman & Rebecca Zinner, Filmmakers

Heather Schulte is chronicling COVID-19 in the United States with a data visualization project, hand-stitching each confirmed case and death on a scroll of fabric. “Situation Report” began as a solitary ritual but has grown with the pandemic into such a big project that her neighbors are now joining in the stitching process. This project is dedicated to her uncle who she lost to COVID-19 in April.