COVID-19 Work Projects: Crossroads

Crossroads is a centrally located area home to a majority of Boulder’s commercial activity as well as residential neighborhoods with boundaries defined by Folsom St. to the west, Hwy 119 to the north, Foothills Pkwy to the east, and Arapahoe Ave. to the south.

Crossroads projects are listed alphabetically by the artist’s last name:

Jocelyn Armes, Musician
Jocelyn performs with the Last Saxophone Quartet who have been performing for the past few years in Boulder. Since COVID-19 restrictions, the musicians have not been able to perform together. Jocelyn is organizing digital recording sessions to write, arrange, and produce high-quality music. These ‘home edition’ performances will be available online to bring the joyful, well-loved music back to the community.

Jason Graves, Visual Artist
Jason has designed a mural titled “Stay Boulder” to inspire positivity and the power of community with the spirit of reconnection and togetherness. The large-scale mural will be highly visible from the intersection of 33rd Street and Arapahoe Avenue. He will start painting in June – keep an eye out for the new artwork!

Allison Lemon, Visual Artist

Alex Milewski, Dancer
In addition to his own career as a movement artist, Alex is an experienced educator. With kids unable to participate in dance, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, he is currently developing a series of online creative movement lessons. “Breakdance Fundamentals” will provide no-cost opportunities for neighbors to exercise in alternative ways during COVID-19 restrictions.