COVID-19 Work Projects: Central Boulder

Central Boulder is located in the heart of the city with boundaries roughly defined by Linden St. and Iris St. to the north, Folsom to the east, Boulder Creek to the south, and the foothills to the west.

Central Boulder projects are listed alphabetically by the artist’s last name:

Will Betke-Brunswick, Visual Artist
When zine festivals cancelled due to the pandemic, Will (cartoonist and zine-maker) decided to create a diary of comics chronicling the quarantine. The project brings humor and humility to hyperlocal experiences of those living near 13th St and High St in Central Boulder. Neighbors will receive a hand-drawn copy of the completed zine.

Don Cox, Visual Artist
Potter and longtime neighborhood resident, Don is creating a series of hand-thrown mugs to give to essential workers in the shopping center at Alpine/Broadway. These gifts honor his community members working on the front line and provides an opportunity for the artist to document their stories.

Emily Duffy, Poet

Courtney Giblin, Visual Artist

Tim Longhini, Visual Artist
Tim frequently collaborates with Boulder business owners to find public facing walls for his murals. In response to the physical distancing restrictions, he is designing a mural with encouraging messaging about quarantining which will be visible from 9th and Pearl Street.


Cara Luneau, Visual Artist
@shelteringwhittier is an online exhibition Cara initiated to capture the artwork and creative actions of her neighbors in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It’s an ever-evolving exhibition with contributions from artists and makers of all ages.

Kina Ono, Musician




Scott Rowland, Videographer
Realizing that his video editing skills can be of service to the creative community, Scott is working on a project to help musicians record, edit, and share live stream performances. The project will help the music community thrive in the time of physical distancing.

Dara Schuman, Visual Artist
Keep an eye out for Dara’s ceramic work along sidewalks and parks in the neighborhood. Her ‘art drop’ project involves leaving a series of work for the public to find and take home.

Beau Walters, Visual Artist
Beau is working on a series of photographs to visually document the current moment. This ‘time capsule’ will be assembled into a printed zine and distributed through Little Free Libraries in his neighborhood.