Fire Station 3 Public Art

Project IntroductionFire Station 3, currently located at 1585 30th St., is outdated, inefficient, undersized and located in the 100-year flood plain. A new Fire Station 3 is being built. A public art opportunity for a site-specific, tribute public artwork to narrate dignity and respect to all who dedicate their lives to public service. The tribute will specifically acknowledge two Boulder firefighters that gave their lives while on duty. An additional goal is to narrate hope, transformation, and support to the Fire Team, their families, the Boulder Community, and the desire of safe communities for all.  This opportunity is part of the relocation and reconstruction of Fire Station 3.  









Relocation of the current Fire Station 3 will allow for better service delivery to a significant part of the city that is not currently within a four-minute response time (industry standard) of any of our fire stations. Relocation and recreation of this facility is underway at 30th and Bluff Streets, Boulder. The new station will significantly improve response coverage to a rapidly growing portion of the city. In addition, the new facility will allow for resources to be repositioned and increase the efficiency of operations while increasing scope of emergency medical service (EMS) delivery. The station will house administration services and roughly a dozen fire personnel 24/7.  

Project Location – Roughly 30th and Bluff Streets, Boulder  

The is encouraged to be located within the exterior grounds of the facility.  

Project Budget$75,000  |  CCS Funds (all inclusive) 

Funded through the public art allocation of the Community Culture and Safety Tax version 2. 

Advertised Budget: $65,000  |  Honorarium:  $1,500 

Michael Clapper’s rendering for Fire Station 3 Memorial


Selected Artist(s)Michael Clapper (Denver, CO) 

Semifinalists include, and were identified by the selection panel and through a public Request for Qualifications (RFQ): 

Anticipated Timeline –  






Project Status – Design  

Context and Theme – The selection panel’s specific goals for this public art opportunity are to create a unique artwork which serves as a tribute to those who dedicate their lives to public service. This opportunity may/shall take into consideration an existing memorial named in honor of William Duran and Scott Smith, who “gave their lives learning to save others” (see image of existing memorial). Artists interested in applying are invited to submit work samples that exhibit how their narrates respect, dignity, hope and transformation. 

Selection Participants –  

Proposed Standing Selection Panel  

  • Artist: Patrick Marold 
  • Arts Professional: Katrina Miller 
  • Arts Commissioner: Devin Hughes 
  • Community Member: Benita Duran 
  • Community Member: Nita Razo 

Technical Review Committee/Project Management Team 

  • Holger Durre, Deputy Fire Chief 
  • Jeff Long, Deputy Fire Chief 
  • Hannah Harrington, Firefighter 
  • Adam Goldstone, Facilities Project Manager 
  • Will Bussard, Davis Partnership