19th & Upland

Urban Design Project Initiation

19th & Upland

Budget:  $61,700 (percent for art)

Timeline:  Proposed Design by August 2021

Type: Educational – flood awareness



Standing Selection Panel:

  • Arts Commissioner – Maria Cole
  • Artist – Mark Villarreal 
  • Arts Professional/Comm Member – Brendan Picker
  • Arts Professional/Comm Member – Charlotte LaSasso
  • Arts Professional/Comm Member – Gabrielle Schuller

​Technical Review Committee:

  • Project Consultant – Kyle Doernbecher, RS&H Design
  • Landscape Architect – Mark Wilcox, DHM Design
  • Lindsay Merz, Transportation Project Manager
  • Katie Knapp, Greenways Project Manager
  • Office of Arts and Culture Staff – Mandy Vink and Carissa Saxton


  • Invitational Request for Concepts (RFC) in response to ‘Problem Statement’
  • Semifinalists invited to develop concept and interview
  • Finalist recommended to Arts Commission and Transportation Advisory Board (TAB), City Manager
  • Finalist joins team as designer
  • Contract: Urban Design vs Public Art

Selected Artist: Anthony Garcia Sr of Birdseed Collective

Anticipated install: Spring 2024

Anthony Garcia Render

Rendering of Garcia’s proposed project.